How are classes with Carolina?

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The classes can be either on Skype or in person. If you are interested you just have to contact me thorugh the section Contact and send me a message with the schedule at which you would like to have classes. I will contact you back to help you with your questions and arrange a schedule with you!


Requirement for the classes in Skype:


  • Stable internet connection
  • Microphone
  • Camera (optional, but I highly recommend it)


How do my classes look like? 


The classes are almost completely in Spanish, with some small explanations in German or English (specially for the beginners). The most important thing to learn is that you listen to Spanish as much as possible and get talking as well!

I use a wide variety of contents: texts, games, grammar and vocabulary exercises, videos and a lot of conversation! I try to vary the activities so the students do not get bored and they can improve all their skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Private classes can be adapted to the wish of the student. Some students prefer to follow a book by chapter, while others prefer focus on their conversation skills or their grammar. We can design what works best for you, depending on how you learn the best. 

We can use a book or just rely on free material. However, I highly recommend following a book, since it offers the student much more structure and they can rely on material with a smooth transition between levels. If you prefer to take a course using a book, the book must be purchased separatedly by the student. The books I recommend are:

  • Con Gusto Series (Dutch speakers).
  • Aula Internacional (English speakers) 
  • Caminos Neu (German speakers)