Free trial classes


Ready to start learning Spanish? Want to forget hard awkward conversations and long menu cards translated by Google? Want to read all the signs at the main sights and museums of the city without blinking one eye? Maybe strike up a conversation with a local? I am gathering possible students that could be interested in taking Spanish classes with me in the future! Each class is 1 hour long and must take place either personally at my location or in Skype. We can have 2 trial classes for free!  You want to try? Then click here and fill in the form and I will contact you! I am offering the following services (free of costs):

Set-up call to try the internet connection

Private classes (1 student)

Two free classes for each student.

Groups of two or three students

Two free classes for each group.


 If you would like to continue after the trial classes, the prices for the future classes would be:


  • Private classes: 22 euros per hour


  • Groups of 2 people:19 euros per hour per person
  • Groups of 3 people:17,50 euros per hour per person
  • Groups of 4 people:16 euros per hour per person


*All mentioned prices are for both classes online and in person.  


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