Who is Carolina?


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Hello! I am Carolina. I was born in the southwest of Spain, in a beautiful sunny region called Extremadura.Since a young age, I have had a huge passion for languages. As a teenager I had several experiences abroad, where I took part in English courses and stayed with host families in Canada, Ireland and the United States. These experiences only confirmed the what I wanted to do as an adult: dedicating myself to languages and start a new life in a foreing country.


After I finished highschool I studied Translation and Interpreting in the University of Salamanca where I learned English and German. After I finished my studies I came to the Netherlands. Ever since I starting studying until today I have worked in different jobs, such as translation, sales and customer service, hospitality, and of course, teaching. In each job I learned different skills that made me the person that I am today. 


After these experiences I discovered my great passion for teaching, and I realized this is the job that I really enjoy and feel motivated for. I know learning languages is really difficult. The best way to learn is to talk with the locals directly at a country where they speak the language. I did it myself in the different countries I mentioned previously, including Austria as well where I studied for a year at the Karl-Frazens University of Graz.


I want to help you achieve your dream of learning a language and therefore I offer you good quality classes at the best price. I try to adapt myself to what my customers wish and make my classes as effective and entertaining as possible, based as well on my own experience as a language student. Since I started teaching people I helped some students improve their Spanish, and most importantly, they have classes that they enjoy and look forward to come to. Would you like to join me? Contact me and we can start learning together!