Why learning Spanish?


  Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world by native speakers, with more than 400 million native speakers already.    

  Travel becomes more fun and interesting. Enjoy a full immersion with the locals.    

  You will find new job opportunities. In the business world Spanish is a strong language that will continue to grow. 

  Open your eyes to a new culture, a new mentality, a new world.  

  Live or work abroad under the sun. Start a new life. 

  Learning Spanish is an enriching and fun activity. The lessons are entertaining and full of joy. 

Why Español con Carolina?

Carolina is the perfect teacher to learn Spanish with. Not only will you expand your knowledge of Spanish, but you will find a person who guides you throughout the process and analyzes your needs, answers your questions and guides you to get the best results. The lessons are relaxed and you will actively participate. You can ask questions if you don't understand or you can make any suggestions to adapt the lessons to what you need. Spanish is spoken throughout the whole lesson. The use of the other languages is only to clarify some things shortly if they are not understood

The goal is that you learn the language in a natural and fun way, using different methods that are adapted to your specific way of learning. We will focus on practical Spanish that is useful to help you manage daily situations. 



What type of lessons can you do?

Private Class

If you prefer a tailor-made class, a private class if what you need!

Group Class

IF you want to study in a team, you can do it in groups of 2, 3 or 4 students.

Online Class

Study comfortably from home (also in groups!).

In Person

Study directly with me at my location in Emmerich.

Who is Carolina?


I am Carolina from Spain. I studied at the University of Salamanca Translation and Interpreting and have always been passionate about languages. I have learned English and German and I have lived in different places such as Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. After working at several jobs, I discovered my great passion for teaching Spanish.

I know how complicated it is to learn a new language: lots of words, conjugations and pronunciations that you don't understand. Practice is the only way to improve it! Learning a language is much more than memorizing words. It is an adventure with many discoveries where you learn about a new culture and are open to a new mindset and way of seeing the world. I would love to help you with your dream of learning Spanish. The satisfaction of my clients is important to me and I always base the relationship with them on honesty and trust so that they not only have a Spanish class but also a person that guides them though their learning journey.

What are the advantages?

Fun, conversational classes.

Improve your speaking skills

We follow the CEFL

Common European Framework for Languages

Native Spanish teacher

Learn real every day Spanish

Enjoy the best service

Customer satisfaction is a priority

Good atmosphere

Feel free to make suggestions or ask questions any time

Reach your goals

WIth private tailor-made class you can focus on what you need